It’s all about walking, apparently

Walking, walking, walking… I swear, sometimes it feels like that’s all mom does with the pack all day. I, myself, don’t go on the big pack walks, I can’t really keep up with that crazy pace they’re swooshing by at. Nope, the pugs and I like it nice and slow, just as our messed up bodies and faces intended. Thanks again for that one, HUMANS!




Did I ever tell you that Correia is crazy about water? Well, she is. The girl will dip herself into anything liquid. Sometimes it’s actually pretty damn gross. You’d be surprised how many different kinds of liquids you can find out in the woods… Anyway, mom took her to the lake all by herself (you lucky dog, we rarely go on one-on-one’s), and she had a field day out there! She dove, swam and splashed around like you’ve never seen before! The photos are pretty lame, but that’s just cuz mom had to put down the camera as it just got wetter and wetter.




Mom’s been working in the pet supply shop more than usual lately, and Sylvester always goes along. He’s perfect on the lead already, so now she goes out on a limb a little and lets him go without it, all the way to work (a 20 minute walk through different neighborhoods), and he’s just as good then! He follows, but isn’t obsessed with keeping an eye on mom ALL THE TIME, like before. Sometimes he’ll even walk up beside her! It’s great to have him in the shop, too, cuz he gets to practice meeting people. Last time, mom asked two little girls to help her out with socializing him, and they were happy to do it, so they stayed with him for a long time. Even after mom let him go on the floor (he was on her lap at first) the girls could walk up to him and greet him without him running away to hide, also like before. Fearful cases of this degree are the hardest to rehabilitate, mom says, but we finally see constant improvement in both Sylvester and Correia, who both suffered from big-time fear of people. Keep up the good work, bro. We know you can do it.


789 567

I’ve been thinking for some time now that I should brag a little about my baby brother, Legolas. He’s never been this good and handsome in all his life, but now it’s definitely obvious he’s in his prime. Just had to let you know, but if you’re thinking I’ve gone all soft and smooshy, you better think again. I also told him being this great now can only mean it’s all downhill from here… Ha!

Yeah, well, it can only get worse, my brother.

Yeah, well, it can only get worse, my brother.

Staying grumpy,



To new beginnings

Things are happening here, our family is changing. Normally that would entail another four-legged brother or sister, but this time it’s different. My mom and dad are splitting up. Yes, dear friends, they got divorced. It’s done, it’s finished, their marriage is over.

I’ve come to understand that it usually means the end of a relationship for you humans, in every good way. For my folks, however, it doesn’t. You see, there’s nothing in this universe that they love more than their pack, us dogs, their family. We mean everything to them, and so shall it continue. Therefore, our well-being will always come first, we will always be their no. 1 priority. And as such, all of their decisions will take place with our best in mind above all else. I must say that that feels really good to us, my brothers and sisters and I. We feel loved, as always, and I know we always will. This is just a change, like any other in life, and I’m glad they decided to make it a pleasant one for us.

I take it upon me to speak for the whole pack and say we’re very proud of our mom and dad. They have handled this matter as well as anyone could, and all of their choices have been made based on our quality of life. Don’t get me wrong, splitting up is the hardest thing they’ve ever done, but it is for a common good. They love each other and always will, and as friends they remain supporters and confidants.

So, what happens to us now? Well, the pack stays with mom, and dad will come and visit and take us to his place now and again. He’s looking for a cool bachelor pad where we can all be comfortable, and in the meantime he stays in the house with us. Mom is looking for another house, but we’re okay until the perfect one comes along.

I think our family is still perfect, because to me, “perfect” means that everyone is happy. We have never been your ordinary family anyway, so I guess we’re still not ;).

Have a great day, people, and don’t forget to love.


Mom & dad rock! You guys are the coolest parents ever :)

Mom & dad rock! You guys are the coolest parents ever 🙂

Dear diary,

So Daysee had surgery yesterday. Apparently she had a wound on her belly that wouldn’t heal and they finally had to go in and take care of it. She’s up and running already and everything’s fine, but it was quite the scare there for a moment, when it turned out the situation was worse than expected. She’s still a bit (well, a lot) sensitive about us dogs coming too close to her, and I guess we should respect that… Except for Scooby, he’s always welcome. The two of them remain inseparable. Be well, Daysee (and hurry up cuz I can’t stand all that bitchiness)!

Daddy huddles over his babygirl

Daddy huddles over his baby girl.

Cousins Atlas & Ricki accompany Daysee to the vet for moral support.

Cousins Atlas & Ricki accompany Daysee to the vet for moral support.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of dog sitting Zappen, a cocker mix belonging to a nice couple here in town. Zappen has issues with aggression towards people and dogs, so mom brought some of us along for each of his walks. There were no issues whatsoever between the dogs, mom was actually the only one in the crowd that he wasn’t particularly fond of… Unfortunately, her job was not to rehabilitate him, so she could only do what she had to in order to handle the situation, but Zappen changed dramatically just by being provided with the right kind of energy and leadership. It’s a shame his owners aren’t dedicated to balancing him, but at least he got a few days of just being a dog. We’re ready for you when you need us, Zappen!

Daysee and Scooby chip in to help Zappen.

Daysee and Scooby chip in to help Zappen.

Zappen enjoys a pack walk for the first time in his life.

Zappen enjoys a pack walk for the first time in his life.

Not being able to stand the sun at times this summer, us dogs decided to take matters into our own paws one day. Alfie took the lead and Correia, Faro and a couple more joined in to create our little “condo”. See, we have this bushy area in our yard that makes for a perfect hideout. You know, for those hot summer days, when you have this really neat treat or toy you don’t want to share with the others, or when mom calls. Stuff like that. They dug and dug and made pits in the dirt for us to lay in, one in each size. It’s Alfie and Correia’s favorite place in the yard, and to be honest, you’ll often see the rest of us lined up to get a spot, too. See you out there!

Alfie digs a pit.

Alfie digs a pit.

"Hey, can't you see it's busy?"

“Hey, can’t you see I’m busy?”

How Sonic the pit bull rehomed Carla the mutt

Friday came and mom and dad took off in the morning. Mom was super-excited and dad, well, I guess he was happy too, but as always, they were late, and that usually makes him a little bit grumpy. They went to the airport to pick her up, our newest pack member, our hyped-up and much-longed-for sister, Millennia.

Back when Millennia was Carla.

Back when Millennia was Carla.

Millennia’s old name was Carla. Mom and dad met her for the first time in April, when they were volunteering at the DPC. Mom fell for her instantly; Carla was pretty aloof with people she didn’t know, and even among familiar faces she could become fearful and a little panicky. She needed people to be patient, and mom can’t get enough of dogs like that. She spent a lot of time with Carla, and yes, the thought of adopting her came to mind, but never strong enough for her to really consider it. After all, adopting another dog was not exactly on the agenda, so mom put that thought to rest right after it came up.

The second time mom got there, in June, she was alone and had much more time to spend with the dogs at the center. This time, however, another dog had come in, and his name was Sonic. Mom felt as though she got struck by lightning, that’s what their first meeting was like. She had heard of him before she got there, but never could she have known that this dog was going to make such an impression on her. She soon learned that Sonic was handing out big-time impressions all over the place – EVERYBODY loved him, and I mean E V E R Y B O D Y. They all said he resembled Cesar’s old dog, Daddy, but momma couldn’t vouch for that; she never got to meet Daddy. What she did feel, though, was an instant soul-to-soul connection with him, as if they were meant for each other. This time she didn’t hesitate – operation Adopt Sonic launched the second she laid eyes on him, and every time she met Cesar after that, he would have to put up with her pleading and reasoning. How she planned on paying for everything she didn’t even know, but didn’t need to either. When things are meant to be they just happen somehow, and her faith in that kept her going.



One day, when mom was cleaning and reorganizing one of the kennel buildings, Cesar called for her. He was working the garden beside her, and mom assumed he needed some help. He did, but not before making a huge statement; he had decided that he wanted her to have the dog of her dreams… That momma could even stand up after news like that was incredible on its own, but then he added, “with all expenses paid”.

I won’t go on about what she was thinking and feeling, words would never do it justice anyway. Let’s just keep it nice and short and say she screamed a little, gasped a lot, repeated “are you kidding me?!?!?!!!” a thousand times, and yes, my friends, she used bad words, lots of ’em. The last thing she said was “Thank you, Cesar!”, and then she went back to doing her job.

Mom has always, and I mean always, known that dreams come true as long as you wish for them hard enough. As long as you visualize something well and often enough, and aren’t afraid to work for it, they do indeed come true. This was only one of those times in her life, cause momma’s not afraid to dream, and man, does she dream BIG. Sonic was hers in heart and spirit and she knew it, this just meant they’d also spend their lives together.

Mom & Sonic


The days passed by in a daze, and mom was walking around on cloud 9. But unfortunately, that state of bliss wouldn’t last for long. As it turned out, Sonic had a court order after being seized in a drug raid and then ended up in a bad dog fight, and one of the conditions for letting him live was that he was not allowed to leave the country… I can tell you that just as happy as mom had been about the fact that he was hers, just as devastated and heartbroken was she when she found out that he was not. Had it not been for her strong belief that all things negative must be turned into positives, I don’t think she’d be okay to this day! This was not just “another dog” to her, this was something far more special. Either way, she had to look at the facts that lay before her; Sonic was alive and well, and he’d still have a great life, even if he wasn’t sharing it with her. That was the most important thing, the goal that all his fans had in common, and that was still going to be achieved. So what was left for her? What was the point of all this in the first place? Every single thing happens for a reason, but what was this one? She knew that those answers could take years to appear, ’cause sometimes they just do, but this was not going to be one of those times. She needed to move on, and that meant she had to figure it out now.

The door to our home had already been opened to Sonic, and why would we close it just because that dog wasn’t coming? Of course! There she had it! She would take another dog!!! And that’s when Carla came to mind. Mom was not disappointed, for she knew that this was really how things were meant to go. Sonic was hers in heart and spirit, but Carla could be hers in body as well. There was no time to lose, so she asked Cesar for the dog and got her, and now she’s here…

Carla’s new name is Millennia, a big name fit for a dog with a big mission, ’cause that’s exactly what she’s on. I’ll tell you more about that some other time, so stay tuned.

And that, my friends, is the story of how one dog managed to rehome another.

Millennia at the DPC.

Millennia at the DPC.

Look up!

In case you haven’t noticed, there are three new pages at the very top here, one for each of our “new” pack members; Sylvester, Correia and Faro. I suggest you take a look and get to know them better, they each bring their own unique flavor to the pack and make it all the more interesting :). Enjoy!

My favorite photos

These are my 2 favorite photos in the whole wide world. Ok, wait, I just thought of a third one as well. So these 3 are the bestest photos out there, simply ’cause there are so many dogs, so much love, and so much fun. And I’m in 2 of them.

Dad's about to throw a snowball...

Dad’s about to throw a snowball…

And there it goes, and so does everyone...

And there it goes, and so does everyone…

Yeah... She loves me.

Yeah… She loves me.